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INCOM Food Grade rPET is Officially Recognized by FDA C-G

Jul. 26, 22

On August 2, 2021, Incom Resources Recovery(Tian Jin) Co., Ltd. received a reply from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) again, and the production system of "ultra-clean" recycled polyester chips (rPET) was officially approved by the US FDA E-G. So far, the INCOM recycling process level is further determined to be effective and can be used to produce all food grade rPET under C-G (COU).

FDA official PNC NOL

FDA official PNC NOL

FDA C-G is graded based on the conditions of use of rPET. C refers to hot filling or pasteurization above 150 degrees Fahrenheit; D refers to hot filling or pasteurization below 150 degrees Fahrenheit; E is filling and storing at room temperature (no heat treatment in the container); F is refrigerated storage (no heat treatment in the container); G is frozen storage (no heat treatment in the container). Based on this, INCOM's "ultra-clean" food-grade rPET can cover most of the current market PET packaging needs, and the safety guarantee of food-grade rPET applied to food packaging has been upgraded again.

INCOM ultra-clean food-grade recycled polyester chips (rPET)

INCOM "ultra-clean" food-grade recycled polyester chips (rPET)

INCOM built a food-grade recycled PET factory in China in 2005, successfully created a demonstration case of domestic rPET used in food packaging, and realized the high-value recycling of waste beverage bottles. In 2010, the "ultra-clean" recycled polyester chips produced by INCOM Factory passed the joint evaluation of the Ministry of Health and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China at that time, indicating that the recycled rPET pellets can be used for the production of food-grade packaging materials. Up to now, the production process and products of INCOM have passed ISO9000, ISO14000, FDA C-G, GRS, and other certifications, the EFSA and other related certifications are also in process.

Relying on the business advantages of the parent company in the field of resource recovery and assisting the whole traceable supply chain information platform, INCOM factory realizes the control of the quality and safety of raw materials. In terms of the production process, adhering to the principle of "removing impurities as soon as possible", the automatic sorting system comes from PELLENC, France, the cleaning recycling process is from the Italian SOREMA, and the extrusion and SSP units adopt the Swiss Bühler technology.

By building the world's leading food-grade process solution, INCOM rPET food-grade to food-grade full-cycle industrial chain continues to upgrade, providing partners with cleaner and safer food-grade recycled materials, and practicing the sustainable commitment and goal of packaging recycling and reuse.

Incom Resources Recovery(Tian Jin) Co., Ltd.

Incom Resources Recovery(Tian Jin) Co., Ltd.

INCOM advocates the sustainable use of renewable resources, and the factory can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 2.11 tons per ton of food-grade rPET produced than the virgin PET. INCOM has accumulated rich recycling experience in the food-grade rPET full-cycle industry chain, which will help the application of China's food-grade recycled plastics in the field of food packaging. Thereby it could promote the process of waste plastic governance and environmental protection, and contribute to the early realization of the double "carbon" goal.