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It is mainly used as the raw materials of food contact packaging.

What is PET and RPET Material

* Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the generic name for a unique plastic belonging to the polyester family. The raw materials of PET come from crude oil and natural gas. PET is one of the most commonly used plastics in the design, manufacture and production of everyday products.

i-PET is a leading RPET Material Supplier. In addition to food and non-food grades, by offering a variety of rPET options (whether clear, green or mixed), we are able to provide rPET solutions for any application.

RPET Material is the recycled version of PET. It can be ground, washed bottle flakes in beverage, food and non-food packaging. It can also refer to resin produced from washed flakes.

Advantages of RPET Material:

As a professional RPET Material Supplier, the RPET Material we provide has the following characteristics:

Better environmental impact than glass, aluminum and other container materials.

Every time PET is recycled, approximately 40% of the raw material energy is captured in the PET polymer for recapture and reuse.

Strong and lightweight, less packaging, less weight, less fuel to transport.

Life cycle studies of PET have consistently shown it to be a highly sustainable material with a positive environmental impact.

PET is the most widely recycled plastic in the world and can be recycled multiple times, saving raw materials, reducing energy use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

RPET Material Supplier

i-PET--a trusted RPET Material Supplier:

Founded in 2003, i-PET is a national circular economy pilot unit and an executive director of China Packaging Federation. The company annually processes 50,000 tons of waste PET beverage bottles, and produces 30,000 tons of clean PET flakes and 20,000 tons of ultra-clean PET pellets. We have reliable strength and production capacity.

i-PET is an rPET manufacturer approved by the National Health Commission and the State Administration for Market Regulation for use in food contact materials. Its process technology and products have passed ISO9000, ISO14000, FDA, GRS and other certifications, and product quality is guaranteed.

Our automatic sorting system is provided by French Bellanco. The cleaning unit is imported from the Italian SOREMA company's complete production line for producing clean PET bottle flakes. The extrusion and solid phase tackifying unit adopts imported equipment and technology from Switzerland BUHLER company. We only use the most advanced and high-quality technical equipment.

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RPET Material Supplier