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Q: What are 100% recycled bottles?

A: 100% recycled bottles are bottles that are made entirely from recycled materials, with no virgin (newly produced) plastic involved in the manufacturing process. These bottles are created by collecting and processing post-consumer plastic waste, such as PET bottles, and transforming them into new bottles.

Q: What Type Of Plastic Goes Into Making Praise 100% Recycled Bottles And Jars?

A: 100% recycled bottles and jars are typically made from rPET (recycled PET) plastic. rPET is a form of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) that is created by recycling and processing post-consumer PET bottles and other PET plastic waste. The collected PET material is cleaned, melted, and reformed into new PET resin, which can be used to produce bottles and jars. By utilizing rPET,  achieves a 100% recycled content in their bottles and jars, contributing to the sustainability and circular economy goals.

Q: How are 100% recycled bottles made?

A: The process of making 100% recycled bottles typically involves collecting used plastic bottles, sorting and cleaning them, and then processing them through various recycling techniques. For rPET bottles, PET bottles are specifically recycled and transformed into new PET resin, which is used to manufacture the 100% recycled bottles.

Q: What are the benefits of 100% recycled bottles, including rPET?

A: 100% recycled bottles, including those made from rPET, offer several benefits. They help reduce the consumption of virgin plastics, conserve natural resources, save energy during production, and decrease waste sent to landfills. Using recycled materials also contributes to the circular economy by promoting the reuse and recycling of plastic.

Q: Are 100% recycled bottles as durable as those made from virgin plastic?

A: Yes, 100% recycled bottles, including those made from rPET, can be just as durable as bottles made from virgin plastic. The recycling process for PET bottles helps maintain the essential properties of the plastic, including strength and durability. However, it's worth noting that the quality and performance of recycled bottles can vary depending on factors such as the recycling process and the specific application of the bottle.

Q: Can 100% recycled bottles, including rPET, be recycled again?

A: Yes, 100% recycled bottles, including rPET bottles, can be recycled again. PET plastic has the advantage of being highly recyclable, allowing it to go through multiple recycling cycles. After their use, these bottles can be collected, processed, and transformed into new recycled materials for various applications, including the production of new bottles or other plastic products.

Q: How can I identify 100% recycled bottles, including rPET?

A: Some 100% recycled bottles may have specific labeling or markings indicating their recycled content or the use of rPET. Look for labels such as "100% recycled," "Made from recycled materials," or symbols like the recycling symbol with a percentage inside, indicating the recycled content. Additionally, some brands may promote their use of recycled materials on the packaging or in their marketing materials.


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